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Support For Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians and our American Friends!
Thank you very much each and everyone for your continued prayers and support towards our Beloved Ukraine during this tremendous crisis — WAR in Ukraine, which was started by Russian federation several days ago. These are really difficult times for our Nation, but we believe in God’s protection and in our army and all who defend our peace-loving country from Russian aggression.
Many of our friends ask how they may help.
First, your continued prayers. This is the most powerful weapon that may be used against enemies, and IT WORKS.
Second, your donations. Our Eparchy invites you to make donations to the Humanitarian Aid Fund for Ukraine. This can be done as follows:
A. You can donate on the St. Josaphat Eparchy website https://stjosaphateparchy.com and click on Donate through PAYPAL and make a memo "WAR VICTIMS AND HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN UKRAINE";
B. You can donate through the St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church by making checks payable to “St. George Ukrainian Catholic” with memo “Humanitarian Aid Fund for Ukraine”, and sending to 3455 California Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 or through http://www.saintgeorgepittsburgh.org PAYPAL and make a memo "WAR VICTIMS AND HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN UKRAINE";
3. Encourage local financial and other institutions to make contributions.
4. Additionally what can be done is sharing the news and contacting The White House/President, Congress, Senators, appealing to do more sanctions and military assistance to Ukraine.
May God bless our Heroes!
May God bless all of You!
May God bless Ukraine!